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Tsune Sushi Taito Tokyo

First Trip to Japan

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10 Dec 2019 | Tue

Day 05 of 07

  • Sensō-ji Temple
  • Lunch | Tsune Sushi Taito Tokyo
  • Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center
  • City Walk | Asahi Building & Tokyo Skytree

Tsune Sushi Taito Tokyo

During this trip, we hoped to find a really good sushi restaurant. Because of the scale of Tokyo, this is an overwhelming task. Over the last few days we had looked and look but nothing jumped out at us (most places were very touristy and expensive).

Usually how things go for us is that we point ourselves in a direction and whatever we seek will eventually find us. We don’t force things we just let them naturally happen. Well, today the kind of sushi restaurant we’ve been looking for found us. Tsune Sushi is located near Sensō-ji Temple. Its owned and operated by a third-generation family – originally started by the grandfather over 80 years ago! It was such a pleasure to meet the father, mother, and son (now running the business) of this wonderful sushi restaurant. The son spoke very good English so it made it easy to have conversations with them. It was an amazing experience – could end up being the highlight of our trip!

And yes – the sushi was out of this world good! 😄

Map – Tsune Sushi Taito Tokyo

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