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Thai Lue Weaving Ban Hat Bai

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05 Dec 2017 | Tue

Day 07 of 30

Today’s Events:

– Chiang Khong Thailand to Huay Xai Laos Mekong Border Crossing

– Huaisai Man View Point

– Rai Saeng Arun Farm Resort and Restaurant

> Thai Lue Weaving Ban Hat Bai <

– Thai Lue Weaving Ban Hat Bai –

Our next stop on our road trip along the Mekong River is to visit another group of Tai Lue weavers.  This particular village of weavers is famous for its incredibly detailed patterns and vibrant colors.  Primarily what was on display would be used for women’s “sarong” skirts.  These types of skirts would be considered to be on the more formal side and typically used for going to a Buddhist ceremony (at Temple).  Each garment piece shown in the pictures below takes a full month or more to make.

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