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Ko Hong Phang Nga Bay

Thailand Tour 2013

Phang Nga Bay | Thailand

31 Oct 2013 | Thu

Day 15 of 43

  • Phuket Sail Tours | Phang Nga Bay Speedboat Island Tour
  • Ko Hong Phang Nga Bay
  • Phang Nga Birds Nest Cave
  • Hong Island Beach Phang Nga
  • Canoe Phang Nga Bay Lagoons and Caves
  • Pass By James Bond Island
  • Phang Nga Bay Ancient Cave Paintings
  • Ko Panyi Village
  • Phang Nga Bay Hidden Lagoon at Low Tide

Kho Hong Phang Nga

Kho Hong Phang Nga is a breathtaking destination in Thailand. Situated amongst towering limestone cliffs and crystal-clear waters, it is easy to see why this place is so popular with tourists.

Kho Hong Phang Nga

With its unique landscape, Kho Hong Phang Nga is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience something different.

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