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Jomkitti Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

Thailand Trip 2017

Chiang Rai | Chiang Mai | Thailand

08 Dec 2017 | Fri

Day 09 of 22

  • Green Bus VIP – Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai
  • Jomkitti Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

Jomkitti Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

We are staying at the Jomkitti Boutique Hotel in Chiang Mai.  When we arrived at check-in, we were pleasantly surprised at how nice this hotel was.  We have stayed in a lot of impressive hotels over the years, but we feel that Jomkitti has the best layout and design of all of them.  Their breakfast buffet was equally impressive.  Located inside the Moat of Chiang Mai, Jomkitti is a short walk from any and all attractions around the city center.  Very impressive hotel!

Our Room

Restaurant / Breakfast

They offer a fairly large breakfast buffet.  Some European-type foods along with several Thai food offerings.  We were impressed!

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