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Group Prayer Flag Ceremony at Ogyen Choling Manor

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14 Nov 2019 | Thu

Day 08 of 13

  • Ogyen Choling Lochoe Home Ceremony
  • Group Prayer Flag Ceremony at Ogyen Choling Manor
  • Ogyen Choling Village Countryside Walkabout
  • Lunch at Ogyen Choling Manor
  • Bhutanese Dance Demonstration
  • Ogyen Choling Manor Museum

Group Prayer Flag Ceremony at Ogyen Choling Manor

In the morning we will raise prayer flags in a ceremony of loving kindness, peace, compassion, and wisdom.

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After returning from seeing the local Ogyen Choling Lochoe home ceremony it was time for our group to participate in a group prayer flag ceremony at Ogyen Choling Manor Set up by our guide Tashi.

Meaning of Prayer Flags – Generally, in Bhutan, prayer flags (five colors) are hoisted for happiness, good health, long life, prosperity, increase luck, merit removes obstacles, bring protection, etc.

Raising prayers flags brings benefits to all sentient beings. You are sending blessings into the world. They channel goodwill and merits as the wind scatters them around for the benefit of all. Prayer flags are also used to offer prayers for peace, compassion, and wisdom around the world. We believe that prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread goodwill and harmony.

When raising a prayer flag, the attitude and intention is very important. One should keep in mind the selfless motivations that “May all sentient beings everywhere receive benefit and find happiness”.

Meaning of the five different colors of prayer flags. It represents the five basic elements of nature as follows:

1. White (Air) – Good fortune and purifying negative karma
2. Blue (sky/space) – Health and longevity
3. Yellow (earth) – Victory over obstacles
4. Green (water) – Compassion
5. Red (fire) – Wish fulfillment

Burning incense or incense offering are made to bless prayer flags, and also to please the senses of Bodhisattvas and local spirits.

-Tashi Topden Embrace Bhutan Travel

Map – Ogyen Choling Village

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