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Green Tea Restaurant Pindaya

Southeast Asia Tour 2015

Pindaya | Myanmar

03 Dec 2015 | Thu

Day 15 of 46

  • 5 Days Market Kalaw
  • Travel to Pindaya
  • Pindaya Caves
  • Homemade Paper Umbrellas Pindaya
  • Green Tea Restaurant Pindaya
  • Travel to Inle Lake
  • Nyaung Shwe Jetty | Travel Across Inle Lake to Hotel
  • Aureum Palace Resort Inle Lake

Green Tea Restaurant Pindaya

After visiting the Aung Homemade Paper Umbrella shop, we stopped at Green Tea Restaurant in Pindaya for lunch. It is a large touristy type restaurant that overlooks Pone Taloke Lake. The Pindaya region is also known for its green tea production and is probably the inspiration for the restaurant’s name. Their menu offers a wide variety of choices with traditional local Danu (from local Danu ethnic people), Chinese and European dishes.

Green Tea Restaurant Pindaya

We tried a few of the local choices – a couple of chicken and pork curry dishes, cauliflower and snow peas, stir-fried glass noodles, white rice, and fried wontons.

Our Meal from Green Tea Restaurant Pindaya

Our food was very good, but just a bit bland (especially when compared to Thailand food).

“Hospitality is our business” – Traditional (Danu), Chinese and European Cuisines,

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