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Grand Cayman – Port Cancelled

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Grand Cayman

17 Dec 2018 | Mon

Day 09 of 11

  • Grand Cayman | Port Cancelled

Grand Cayman | Port Cancelled

Were we all set this morning (Monday) to visit several destinations in and around Grand Cayman – such as the town of Hell (named for its eerie looking back rocks rising out of the ground), Turtle Centre at Boatswain Beach and Tortuga Rum Cake Center.  But unfortunately, the entire port stop was cancelled due to rough seas (shifting more than 5 feet).  Grand Cayman is one of the ports where you have to take one of the ship’s small transfer boats into port.  So with the rough waters it would not be safe to enter/exit at port.

Transfer Boat

The cancellation of the entire port stop was very disappointing, as we were really looking forward to seeing Grand Cayman.  So today has now turned into “a day at sea”.  We are at sea, but not sure where we are heading (I’m assuming toward our way back to Fort Lauderdale).  Tomorrow is also a day at sea, and then we finish up back in Fort Lauderdale early Wednesday morning (7 am).

Below are a few pictures that I was able to take of the Grand Cayman port area.

Grand Cayman Port

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