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Ghost Spirit House Chiang Raeng

Thailand Trip 2017

Chiang Raeng | Thailand

02 Dec 2017 | Sat

Day 03 of 22

  • Wat Hua Dong Ngao Thoeng Under Construction
  • Concrete Sculptor Creating Naga at Wat Ban Ngao
  • Ghost Spirit House Chiang Raeng
  • Wat Nantaram Chiang Kham Teak Temple
  • Tai Lue Weaving Ban Thung Mok
  • Phu Pheem Koff Coffee
  • Phu Sang National Park and Hot Spring Waterfall
  • Thai Phayao Laos Border Ban Huak

Ghost Spirit House Chiang Raeng

Spirit houses are a common sight in Thailand, where they are placed in front of homes, businesses, and even public spaces to serve as a dwelling place for spirits. The tradition of building spirit houses dates back to the ancient animistic beliefs of the Thai people, who believed that spirits lived in the natural world and needed to be appeased to bring good luck and protection.

Ghost Spirit House Chiang Raeng

One of the most notable features of spirit houses is the offering of food and drinks, such as fruits, flowers, and even alcohol, to the spirits. In some cases, animal sacrifice is also performed, although this practice is becoming less common in modern times. Thailand’s King Rama I made animal sacrifice illegal.

One of the most popular offerings to the spirits is a bottle of red Fanta, which has become a cultural icon in Thailand. The red color of the drink is believed to symbolize good luck and prosperity and is offered to the spirits as a way of bringing blessings to the home or business. It’s also believed to be a replacement for animal sacrifice.

In addition to offerings, spirit houses also serve as a way for the Thai people to show respect and gratitude to the spirits, and to honor their ancestors. Many people will also make offerings and perform rituals at spirit houses during important events or festivals, such as the New Year or the Buddhist holiday of Songkran.

Despite the modernizing trends in Thai society, spirit houses remain a significant part of the country’s cultural and spiritual heritage. They serve as a reminder of the rich history and beliefs of the Thai people and continue to play an important role in the daily lives of many Thai families.

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