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Flight – Suvarnabhumi Bangkok to Luang Prabang International Airport

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07 Dec 2015 | Mon

Day 20 of 47

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> Flight – Suvarnabhumi Bangkok to Luang Prabang International Airport <

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– Flight –
– Suvarnabhumi Bangkok to Luang Prabang International Airport –

Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok

I wanted to add a post about Bangkok’s spectacular Suvarnabhumi Airport.  Our flight to Luang Prabang is the first time that we have used this airport during the day, which allowed me to get some decent photos (and video).  Usually, the only time we use this airport is when we fly into Bangkok from the US or when we fly back to the US – both of these times will always be around Midnight or so.  The other reason we are using this airport this time is due to the airlines we are using to fly to Luang Prabang – Thai Airways (Thailand’s flagship air carrier).

This airport officially opened in September 2006.  It is the 10th busiest airport in the world (6th busiest in Asia).  The airport has the world’s tallest free-standing control tower (434 feet), and the world’s fourth-largest single-building airport terminal (6,060,000 square feet).  Here’s a picture of the control tower, taken from our hotel room:

YouTube Video – Taken from Moving Walkway

Luang Prabang International Airport

Today (Dec. 7th) we had a mid-day flight to the northern Lao province of Luang Prabang. Our first time flying with Thailand’s premier airlines Thai Airways – went very well and without any delays.

The only difficulty we had was going through the Lao “Visa on Arrival” process. What has taken only a few minutes to do in the other countries took right at an hour here.

Waiting to get our Visa on Arrival

We must have caught them on a bad day because we had been told that this normally only takes 10-15 minutes. After getting our visas, we got our bags and found our driver (provided by the hotel) to be transported to the Mekong Riverview Hotel.

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