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09 Nov 2019 | Sat

Day 03 of 13

  • Drive | Thimphu to Punakha
  • Dochula Pass | 108 Druk Wangyal Chortens
  • Lunch | Divine Cafeteria Punakha
  • Chimi Lhakhang
  • Punakha Dzong
  • Drubchhu Resort Punakha

Drubchhu Resort Punakha

Hotel Arrival

After a wonderful afternoon visit to Punakha Dzong, it was time to check in to our next hotel – Drubchhu Resort Punakha.

Drubchhu Resort Punakha

Drubchhu is a family owned and managed resort. Overlooking paddy fields and farm houses, Drubchhu is developed on the ruins of an old granary which was built by Zhabdung Jigme Choegyal more than a hundred years ago. The property has a natural spring believed to be a Drubchhu (healing/miraculous water).

Drubchhu is located near the tri-junction of the National Highway between three dzongkhags (districts); Thimphu, Punakha and Wangdue. This makes it an ideal halt for the long drive across Bhutan. Drubchhu was started in 2014 and is slowly starting to take root. The entire property is supplied with fresh water from the spring on the land. Simple and hearty meals are served with consistency by our young kitchen staff. We have an ever growing kitchen garden which gives the kitchen a constant supply of fresh salads. Evenings may be spent soaking in a hot stone bath, then you may opt to spend some time in the ‘Mad Man’ bar sitting around a warm bonfire. A wood fired oven is nearby for pizza and roasts on demand. Mornings can be started with fresh coffee at the café with a stunning view. All the while you will be under the personal care of two sisters who own and manage the resort. Drubchhu has a panoramic view of paddy fields which, through the seasons always provide a picturesque scene of rural Bhutan. Drubchhu is shaded by giant pine trees which are believed to be the homes of ‘lues’ or ‘nagas’, the serpentine protectors and long-time inhabitants of the area.

Drubchhu Resort

Entrance, Lobby & Grounds

The Drubchhu Resort is a large hotel/resort facility made up of several buildings that are spread across a beautiful location in Punakha. When we arrived, the hotel’s friendly staff came out to greet and welcome us to their resort. After a brief wait in the reception room, we all were guided to our rooms (which were located in a different building).

Patio Sitting Area with Fire Pit

The resort is located in a beautiful spot, surrounded by mountains and overlooking a valley filled with terraced rice fields. The check-in area of the resort is made up of a small courtyard area that continues to the back where you will find a nice patio sitting area surrounded by a large in-ground fire pit. The views from this area are spectacular (overlooking terraced rice fields). They also have a small art gallery (The Gallary) and bar (Mad Man) named after Drukpa Kunley aka the “Divine Madman”.

Beautiful Views From Patio Sitting Area

The large restaurant and dining room (second floor) could be reached one of two ways, walking through the reception area and down some stairs or from one side of the fire pit patio area.

Our Room

Our room was huge in size but basic in furnishings. It featured hardwood floors and came with two single beds, a small desk, a TV, and a sitting area in front of a beautiful view of the valley. There was also an area to put luggage and hang clothes. The bathroom was simple and basic but clean. Maybe not the nicest room we’ve stayed in but it had everything we needed for our brief two-night stay in Punakha.

Our Large, Spacious Room

Restaurant / Breakfast

The restaurant and dining room area was very nice and spacious. We had three buffet-style meals here (two breakfasts and one dinner). The food and staff were both fantastic. For some reason, we forgot to take pictures of our meals but I did caption a few pictures of the dining room. Like I mentioned before, our meals tended to be more on the vegetarian side with a few dishes with chicken. All tasty and delicious.

Fit Pit – Evening Discussion with Resort Owners

On our last night in Punakha, we had a wonderful group discussion with the owners (sisters) of Drubchhu Resort. A beautiful night under the stars, enjoying a glass of wine while sitting around a big warm fire! It was one of those special nights you don’t forget!

Beautiful Night by the Fire Pit

Resort Gardens, Greenhouses, and Natural Spring

After breakfast one morning we took a walk to check our surroundings and stumbled into the resort’s large garden and greenhouse area. Not only do they grow their own vegetables (used in the restaurant), they’re also able to provide water from a natural spring on the property. Impressive!

Resort’s Gardens and Greenhouse

Wonderful Time at Drubchhu Resort Punakha

Whether it starting or ending a busy day of sightseeing, Drubchhu Resort in Punakha is the perfect place to stay, relax, and have a nice meal. They provided everything we needed – a nice room, great meals (breakfast and dinner), wonderful staff, awesome views while sitting by a nice big warm fire, and great memories! Thank you Drubchhu Resort, for a wonderful time!

Map – Drubchhu Resort Punakha

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