Bhutan | Paro | Thimphu

Drive – Paro to Thimphu

Embrace Bhutan Cultural Tour

Paro | Thimphu | Bhutan

07 Nov 2019 | Thu

Day 01 of 13

  • Flight | Bangkok to Paro Bhutan
  • Paro Airport Arrival
  • Meet Embrace Bhutan Tour Guides
  • Drive | Paro to Thimphu
  • Norkhil Boutique Hotel and Spa
  • Bhutanese Folk Performer Jigme Drukpa

Drive | Paro to Thimphu

After meeting our tour guides and getting all of our bags loaded on our van it was time to take a one-hour drive to Thimphu. Along the way, we got to experience the beauty of Bhutan (before it got dark on us).

Overlooking the Thimphu Chu River

Drive | Paro to Thimphu

Map – Paro International Airport to Thimphu

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