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Colorful Ox Carts Bagan

– Southeast Asia Tour 2015 –

> Bagan | Myanmar <

01 Dec 2015 | Tue

Day 14 of 47

Today’s Events:

– Drive to Mount Popa – Our Car Broke Down

– Roadside Palm Sugar Demonstration Farm and Distillery Mount Popa

– Mount Popa Bagan – Nat Spirits | Hordes of Monkeys | 777 Steps!

– Mount Popa Local Market

– Dhammayangyi Temple Bagan

> Colorful Ox Carts Bagan <

– Visited Renovated Temple

– Our Second Sunset in Bagan

– Star Beam Bistro Bagan

– Colorful Ox Carts Bagan –

When visiting Bagan you will notice there are several options for getting in and around town.  These options include taxis, bicycles, E-bikes (electric bikes), shared pickup (like Thailand’s Song Tow), early morning hot air balloons and then you have horse carriage and ox carts (which can be rented by half and full-day).

Something interesting we noticed, in late afternoons the ox and their carts take on a different look – their head and body harnesses are switched out with bright colored ones that are laced with fresh flowers.  The carts are also decorated with fresh flowers and bright red flags.

I’m not sure how this tradition came about but this form of transportation is very popular for the late afternoon crowd coming in to view the famous evening sunsets.

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