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Banteay Kdei Angkor

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24 Nov 2015 | Tue

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  • Morning Tuk Tuk Ride to Angkor Wat
  • Angkor Archaeological Park Visitor Center
  • Angkor Thom North Gate
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  • East Mebon Angkor
  • Pre Rup Angkor
  • Banteay Kdei Angkor

Banteay Kdei Angkor

Banteay Kdei Angkor is a 12th century Buddhist temple located in the ancient city of Angkor, Cambodia. Built during the reign of King Jayavarman VII, it was originally constructed for use as a monastery and school. The temple is notable for its unique architecture, which includes four concentric walls and two libraries. It is also known for its intricate carvings that include many Buddhist images and motifs.

Banteay Kdei Angkor

The temple’s main entrance is flanked by two large towers, with a central courtyard leading to an inner sanctum where visitors can view the ruins’ original sandstone blocks that have been carved with intricate images. Inside, visitors will find a number of galleries containing numerous sculptures depicting Hindu deities as well as several Buddha statues.

Banteay Kdei Angkor

Banteay Kdei (Khmer: ប្រាសាទបន្ទាយក្តី; Prasat Banteay Kdei), meaning “A Citadel of Chambers”, also known as “Citadel of Monks’ cells”, is a Buddhist temple in Angkor, Cambodia. It is located southeast of Ta Prohm and east of Angkor Thom. Built in the mid-12th to early 13th centuries AD during the reign of Jayavarman VII (who was posthumously given the title “Maha paramasangata pada”), it is in the Bayon architectural style, similar in plan to Ta Prohm and Preah Khan, but less complex and smaller. Its structures are contained within two successive enclosure walls, and consist of two concentric galleries from which emerge towers, preceded to the east by a cloister.

This Buddhist monastic complex is currently dilapidated due to faulty construction and poor quality of sandstone used in its buildings, and is now undergoing renovation. Banteay Kdei had been occupied by monks at various intervals over the centuries until the 1960s.

– Wikipedia Banteay Kdei

Group of Young Monks at Banteay Kdei Angkor

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