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Bangkok Flooding – Samrong BTS Station – 05 Oct 2019

The video below was taken at Samrong BTS Station (Sukhumvut & Thepharak Intersection) on Oct 05, 2019.

The flooding you see here was caused by a single thunderstorm!  This type of flooding is very common in Bangkok and can happen throughout the city.

Bangkok (originally built on top of marshy type land) has been sinking 1 to 2 cm a year plus it’s only averages 5 feet (1.5m) above sea level – which is also rising (Gulf of Thailand is rising at a rate of 4mm a year).  Due to current and ongoing climate change Bangkok is projected to be one of the world’s hardest hit urban areas with “Nearly 40 percent” of the city being inundated by as early as 2030 due to extreme rainfall and changes in weather patterns (according to a World Bank report).

Within a few hours the water had receded back to normal.


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