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Aureum Palace Resort Inle Lake

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Inle Lake | Myanmar

03 Dec 2015 | Thu

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Aureum Palace Resort Inle Lake

Aureum Palace Resort, Inle Lake is an exquisite and luxurious resort located on the shores of Myanmar’s famous Inle Lake. This stunning hideaway offers guests the perfect blend of traditional Burmese culture and modern luxury accommodation. Every detail of this five-star resort has been carefully crafted to provide a truly unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Aureum Palace Resort Inle Lake

The grounds of Aureum Palace Resort Inle Lake are designed to make guests feel like they have stepped into a fairytale, with its lush gardens, water features, and exotic wildlife that come together to create an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation. Guests can enjoy a variety of activities such as yoga classes, boat trips around the lake or cycling routes through local villages. The hotel also features multiple restaurants serving delectable cuisine from both local and international chefs for all palates to enjoy.

Inle Lake is stunning and an absolute must see for anyone visiting Myanmar. Located on the shores of a unique seascape in the Shan Mountains, the Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort, Inle offers unsurpassed luxurious accommodation of villas built over the waters and shores of one of Myanmar’s natural and cultural wonders.

Discover the incomparable lifestyle of the Intha (Sons of the Lake), who live in a total of 17 pile-building villages on the 120-kilometer cultural miracle. Cruise in long tail boats through the villages, past pointed gilded pagodas, floating vegetable gardens and take photos of the world famous “foot paddlers”. You can even get a very special view over the hustle and bustle on the water taking a hot air balloon flight. Or rent a bike to explore the villages, temples and green rice fields on the shore.

– Hotel Website Aureum Palace Resort Inle Lake

On our arrival to the resort, we were greeted by the mythical Kinnara & Kinnari.

With the Mythical Kinnara & Kinnari

In Buddhist mythology, Kinnara is a paradigmatic lover, a celestial musician, half human and half bird. Kinnari, the female counterpart is depicted as half woman and half bird creature. It is believed they are everlasting lovers and never to separate, eternally husband and wife.

The elaborate costumes of a Kinnara and Kinnari are stunning, the butterfly wings are attached to the arms and back of the dancers so they can be opened and closed.

Guests at the Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort, Inle are greeted by this mythical pair upon arrival, be sure to request for a photo with Kinnara and Kinnari.

Aureum Palace Resort Website Kinnara & Kinnari

Incredible Experience at Aureum Palace Resort Inle Lake

Aureum Palace Resort, Inle Lake is an experience not to be missed on anyone’s visit to Inle Lake, Myanmar. It is one of the most beautiful resorts we’ve ever stayed in and provides a stunning views of the tranquil Inle Lake.

From the huge breakfast spreads to the dinners we had, the resort restaurant here was very good.  Overall, we had a wonderful stay here.  Our biggest disappointment?… only staying here for two nights!

Entrance, Lobby & Grounds

Our Room

Our room was a large separate villa/cabin (1080 sq. ft.) that sat over the water and was definitely the largest we’ve ever stayed in. This resort is a large facility that has 65 units that are spread out over several acres (some on the waterfront, some on land).

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