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Yodia Heritage Hotel Phitsanulok

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Phitsanulok | Thailand

05 Nov 2013 | Tue

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Yodia Heritage Hotel Phitsanulok

The Yodia Heritage Hotel in Phitsanulok, Thailand is a beautiful and historic hotel that offers its guests an authentic experience of Thai culture. The hotel is situated in the heart of the city and is close to the famous Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Phitsanulok temple. The rooms are spacious and well-appointed, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Yodia Heritage Hotel Phitsanulok

The hotel also has an excellent restaurant, serving traditional Thai food. If you’re looking for a truly memorable and authentic Thai experience, the Yodia Heritage Hotel is the perfect choice.

Yodia Heritage Boutique Hotel, Phitsanulok Province, is a private but warm offering all the pleasures of staying in the heart of the historical part of the city.

Strategically and charmingly located on the bank of the Nan River in central Phitsanulok only 250 meters from Wat (Temple) Phrasrirattanamahathat where one of the most beautiful Buddha portraits, Phra Buddha Chinnarat, is. Wang Chan (Chan Palace), the birthplace of King Naresuan the Great, is almost opposite on the other side of the river

Blessed with one of Thailand’s most revered Buddha image, historical stories, a fascinating folk museum, scenic mountains, and waterfalls, a center of education, governmental organizations, and economies in the lower North of Thailand, Phitsanulok also makes an excellent base for those who wish to explore the attractions of the UNESCO world heritage of historical sites, Sukhothai, Sisatchanalai and Khampangphet.

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