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Yakitori Daikichi Kyoto

Japan Winter 2024

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27 Feb 2024 | Tue

Day 08 of 17

  • Kinkaku-ji Golden Pavilion Kyoto
  • Eikan-dō Zenrin-ji Temple
  • Philosopher’s Path Walk Kyoto
  • Hōnen-in-Temple Kyoto
  • Ginkaku-ji Temple Kyoto
  • Yakitori Daikichi Kyoto

Yakitori Daikichi Kyoto

After a visit to the Ginkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto, we embarked on a long walk back to our hotel. Feeling hungry from the day’s activities, we found a restaurant called Yakitori Daikichi on Google Maps. It was just opening for the evening and had great reviews. This small Yakitori shop served us quickly. We enjoyed a variety of grilled meats including beef tongue, chicken, chicken gizzards, meatballs, and pork bowls. We also tried their cucumber salad and pickled vegetables. Our beverage of choice tonight was their Japanese draft beer which was also very good. The food was delicious, and the staff provided excellent service. We highly recommend Yakitori Daikichi for a satisfying meal in Kyoto

Entrance to Yakitori Daikichi Kyoto
Inside Yakitori Daikichi Kyoto
Awesome Food & Beer at Yakitori Daikichi Kyoto
Very Friendly Grill Chefs at Yakitori Daikichi Kyoto

Map | Yakitori Daikichi Kyoto

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