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We Arrived in Kanchanaburi…

We made it to Kanchanaburi, Thailand today (Sunday, 20th).  Parts of Thailand have been dealing with widespread flooding (rainy season still in effect until end of October).  Kanchanaburi is one of the areas that has been hit with scattered flooding.  We saw several areas under water as we came into town. I was a little surprised at the terrain of the area around Kanchanaburi… Mountains!  Coming in from Bangkok the terrain is flat / low-level terrain.  As we approached Kanchanaburi you see mountains that look very similar to the mountains of North Carolina. I got a treat today, the road coming into the center of Kanchanaburi past by where Kanchana went to elementary and middle school.  Its been a great experience for me to see Kanchana’s home town and where she grew up. We are staying in the U Inchantree River Kwai Resort. It is a beautiful location right on the River Kwai.  It is named after a tree that is located in the center of the property.  Apparently the               “In Chan Tree” is a very rare species with only a few known to exist in Thailand.  The tree is is thought to be over 200 years old and something unique, it bears two types of fruit. IMG_1079 Most of this week we will be spending time with Kanchana’s family.  There are some planned events such as, touring the Bridge over River Kwai, visiting the famous “Tiger Temple” and a overnight river tour (but the recent flooding may cancel this). At this point I’m not sure when all of the activities will be taking place, we plan to just go with the flow this week.

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