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Wat Nantaram Chiang Kham Teak Temple

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02 Dec 2017 | Sat

Day 04 of 30

Today’s Events:

– Wat Hua Dong Ngao Thoeng Under Construction

– Concrete Sculptor Creating Naga at Wat Ban Ngao

– Ghost Spirit House Chiang Raeng

> Wat Nantaram Chiang Kham Teak Temple <

– Tai Lue Weaving Ban Thung Mok

– Phu Pheem Koff Coffee

– Phu Sang National Park and Hot Spring Waterfall

– Thai Phayao Laos Border Ban Huak

– Wat Nantaram Chiang Kham Teak Temple –

The Wat Nantaram is a Shan-style Temple located in the central Chiang Kham District.  It is constructed out of teak wood and displays the classic Tai Yai roof architecture.  It is quite unusual as it does not follow the typical Temple style that you see throughout Thailand.  It is estimated to have been constructed around 1908.

Tai Lue Girl in Native Clothing

The little girl dressed in her native clothing is Tai Lue.  Tai Lue people now live in this part of Northern Thailand.  They originally were from China but migrated into Burma, Laos, and Thailand after the Communist regime forced them out.  Tai Lue people are also famous for their weaving and traditional clothing.

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