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Wat Hua Dong Ngao Thoeng Under Construction

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02 Dec 2017 | Sat

Day 03 of 22

  • Wat Hua Dong Ngao Thoeng Under Construction
  • Concrete Sculptor Creating Naga at Wat Ban Ngao
  • Ghost Spirit House Chiang Raeng
  • Wat Nantaram Chiang Kham Teak Temple
  • Tai Lue Weaving Ban Thung Mok
  • Phu Pheem Koff Coffee
  • Phu Sang National Park and Hot Spring Waterfall
  • Thai Phayao Laos Border Ban Huak

Wat Hua Dong Ngao Thoeng Under Construction

Here is an example of a new Temple being constructed.  Notice the bamboo scaffolding, which is the most common way of construction (other than large commercial construction) is done throughout Thailand. The “Teak” wood used on the overhead ceiling along with large columns inside was actually previously grown on site for the past 20–30 years.

Bamboo Scaffolding

You may also notice a picture with nine large stones (see photo below).

Nine Boundary Stones

These are referred to as “Boundary Stones”. Eight of these are placed underground, outside around the Temple at the cardinal points (North, West, East, and South, NW, NE, SW, and SE). The 9th larger stone is placed underneath, at the center of the Temple (usually under the principal Buddha image). All Thai Buddhist Temples have these stones in place.  A Temple cannot be opened/dedicated until these stones are in place.

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