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Walk Outside Grounds of Tokyo Imperial Palace

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11 Dec 2019 | Wed

Day 06 of 07

  • Sengakuji Temple – Graves of 47 Ronin
  • Walk Outside Grounds of Tokyo Imperial Palace
  • Akihabara

Walk Outside Grounds of Tokyo Imperial Palace

After returning from our visit to Sengakuji Temple – Graves of 47 Ronin, we were hoping to visit the beautiful gardens of Tokyo Imperial Palace (the main residence of the Emperor of Japan). Unforchantly, we arrived late in the day and were unable to enter the grounds.

We arrived at the large open plaza area called Kokyo Gaien (the outer garden of the Imperial Palace). From here we were able to take some pictures of Nijubashi Bridge and Sakurada Gate.

Seimon Ishibashi Bridge
Seimon Tetsubashi Bridge

The Tokyo Imperial Palace is a large compound of buildings and gardens (379 acres / 0.44 sq mi), surrounded by a moat that is divided into three sections:

Main (Center) – where the Imperial Palace and the Imperial Household Agency are located (this is where most of the royal business/ceremonies are conducted)

Fukiage Garden – a residential area for the Imperial Family – contains the Imperial residence, the residence of the former Emperor and Empress, and Shinto shrines, where private religious ceremonies are held.

Imperial Palace East Garden – large landscaped gardens on the grounds of a palace first built in 1888

We hate that we missed out on seeing the gardens (our last full day in Tokyo) but it will be something we look forward to when we make a return visit (one day).

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