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Visit Local Village Temple Dompola Lhakhang

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10 Nov 2019 | Sun

Day 04 of 13

  • Visit Local Village Temple – Dompola Lhakhang
  • Lunch with Elderly Monks at Guenzhu Kepiling Centre Tshochasa Punakha

Visit Local Village Temple – Dompola Lhakhang

Unexpected Surprise Visit

On our way to visit with and provide lunch for elderly monks at Guenzhu Kepiling Centre Tshochasa Punakha, our guide Tashi asked the group if we be interested in visiting a nearby temple that was having a Buddhist ceremony. He told us that we could stop by for a few minutes then continue on to visit the elderly monks. The group quickly agreed – yes! let’s do it!

Local People Visiting Dompola Lhakhang

When we arrived our guide first went into the temple grounds to ask for permission and to make sure it was okay for us to visit – which they agreed that it would be okay. I’m sure Bhutanese people by now are used to tourists visiting their country but at the same time, I can only imagine what might be going through their minds when they see a group of strangers come to visit them and their temple.

Getting Looks of Curiosity

So for us, it was understandable that we would be getting a lot of strange looks and stares but think for them, it was mostly out of curiosity. While walking around and observing we tried to be respectable and considerate and not too offending when taking pictures (after all this is their home, their temple, and their life).

Head Monk Watching Locals Preparing Food and Drinks

I think when we arrived, we were early (before their ceremony) so many people gathered in the front seemed to be waiting while others in the back were busy preparing food and drinks. Everyone we came in contact with was very friendly and welcoming.

Friends and Family of the Temple

After a short time, people seemed to warm up and tried to interact with us. We had a few of the Bhutanese men offer us (men in the group) some of their homemade liquor. I think it’s referred to as “Ara”, which is a fermented or distilled alcohol that is usually made out of barley, rice, maize, millet, or wheat. It is also common to be used for religious purposes as an offering on certain auspicious days. A quick taste reminded me of a very strong sake.

Amazing Young Bhutanese Girl

Later, I (Dean) broke away from the group to take pictures of the temple (outside) and the surrounding area. after a few minutes, I was approached by a young girl who wanted to have a conversation. She asked a lot of questions about where I was from, what I did, and wanted to know what it was like flying on a plane. She requested that I take her picture (below).

Amazing Young Bhutanese Girl

This young Bhutanese girl was very unique – in a few words, her nature was, smart, elegant, and graceful. She had the demeanor of someone much older and wiser. It was such a pleasure to meet and talk with her.

Group Offering to Temple

Making Donation to Temple

Before we left, our group (along with Tashi’s help) made a donation offering to the head monks of the temple. We also thanked them for allowing us to visit their temple.

Prayer Flags at Dompola Lhakhang

Awesome Experience

We were so glad for the opportunity to visit Dompola Lhakhang. Our visit was short and sweet but gave us a chance to visit, interact and experience what it’s like for locals visiting their community temple. Even though it was for a short time, it was an honor to be allowed into their realm.

Dompola Lhakhang

Map – Dompola Lhakhang Temple

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