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Ugyen Choling Village Countryside Walkabout

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14 Nov 2019 | Thu

Day 08 of 13

  • Ogyen Choling Lochoe Home Ceremony
  • Group Prayer Flag Ceremony at Ogyen Choling Manor
  • Ogyen Choling Village Countryside Walkabout
  • Lunch at Ogyen Choling Manor
  • Bhutanese Dance Demonstration
  • Ogyen Choling Manor Museum

Ogyen Choling Village Countryside Walkabout

After our early morning group prayer flag ceremony at the manor, Kanchana and I decided to do a countryside walkabout in the valley behind Ogyen Choling Manor. After taking a brief walk through the village, we decided to see where a path (we passed, just outside the manor) might take us.

Beginning of the Path Leading Out of the Village
One of the Breathtaking Views We Came Across

After a short walk, we came across some of the most breathtaking views we had ever seen in Bhutan. This area had it all, beautiful farmland, surrounding mountains overlooking a stunning valley! The weather was perfect, cool, sunny with a warm gentle breeze.

Cow Stopping to Take in the Beautiful Scenery

At the end of the path, there was an area that had several cows. This area was so amazing that I even caught one of the cows stopping to take in the beautiful scenery!

Map – Ogyen Choling Village

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