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General Travel Information & Proper Visitor Etiquette

24 Hour / Military Time

Be aware that when you arrive to Thailand people here are accustomed to using 24 Hour (Military) time.

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Currency – Thai Baht

The currency used in Thailand is called the Thai baht.  Unless you are in one of the shopping malls (brand name stores, etc.) it is best to use Thai Baht cash when out and about in the city.  Paper money (bills) vary in shape, size and color.

Currently One US Dollar is Equal to:

[convert number=1.00 from=”usd” to=”thb”] Thai Baht

It is a good idea to associate the colors of each denomination:

  • 10-Baht – Brown (rare, not widely used anymore)
  • 20-Baht – Green
  • 50-Baht – Blue
  • 100-Baht – Red
  • 500-Baht – Purple
  • 1,000-Baht – White

Back on April 6, 2018 the Bank of Thailand started releasing new updated currency bearing the portraits of the new King Vajiralongkorn (or King Rama X).  The first three denominations release were the 20, 50 and 100-baht notes.   The two remaining denominations of 500 and 1,000-baht banknotes were officially released on July 28, 2018 (which is also the birthday of King Vajiralongkorn).

Very Important! – Information about Thai Money:

  • In Thailand, carrying paper money / banknotes in the your back pocket of your pants is considered disrespectful toward the image of the King’
  • Using your foot (or feet) to step on Thai money (paper or coins) is considered to be very offensive (as an act against the Thai monarchy).  So if money slips out of your hand any blows away in the wind do not try to use you feet to catch it or stop it!

It is very common throughout Thailand to see (especially in rural areas) to see Thai money (paper), to be displayed (usually by frame, etc.) as a symbol of health and respect towards the king.

20, 50 and 100 Thai Baht Released on April 6, 2018

500 and 1000 Thai Baht Released on July 28, 2018

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Understanding the Term – Farang

First timers to Thailand are usually not aware of the term “Farang”.  Farang is the generic Thai word for Westerners, Europeans and Caucasians (non-asian).  It also can be used as a reference word to describe items that come from Europe (such as fruits, vegetables, products, goods, etc.).  It also mean “guava” in Thai.  Farang is a neutral word that generally does not have any derogatory or negative connotation.

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