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Tai Lue Weaving Ban Thung Mok

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02 Dec 2017 | Sat

Day 04 of 30

Today’s Events:

– Wat Hua Dong Ngao Thoeng Under Construction

– Concrete Sculptor Creating Naga at Wat Ban Ngao

– Ghost Spirit House Chiang Raeng

– Wat Nantaram Chiang Kham Teak Temple

> Tai Lue Weaving Ban Thung Mok <

– Phu Pheem Koff Coffee

– Phu Sang National Park and Hot Spring Waterfall

– Thai Phayao Laos Border Ban Huak

– Tai Lue Weaving Ban Thung Mok –

Tai Lue Weaver

Here we visited a Tai Lue weaving facility.  They still continue the old tradition of weaving and needlework.  Incredible skill is required in order to weave complicated patterns into the fabric that they make.  They also continue to make handmade graduation gowns and sashes for schools – which is what most of the women were working on while we were there (purple pattern).

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