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Ta Rimochen Lhakhang

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15 Nov 2019 | Fri

Day 09 of 13

  • Ta Rimochen Lhakhang
  • Local Bhutanese Archery Competition
  • Chamkhar Town Bumthang
  • Prakhar Tshechu – Prakhar Lhakhang
  • Local Bhutanese Store
  • Kiki La Pass Prayer Flags
  • Return Visit – Hotel Ugyen Ling Jakar

Ta Rimochen Lhakhang

After thanking and saying our early morning goodbyes to the owners of Ogyen Choling Manor, it was time to start our journey to Prakhar Lhakhang. Today was the third and final day of the Prakhar Tshechu Festival (mask dances and religious performances performed by the monks of Nimalung Monastery).

Along the way to Prakhar Lhakhang, we stopped off to visit Ta Rimochen Lhakhang, a temple near the village of Misethang in the Tang Valley east of Jakar.

Entrance to Ta Rimochen Lhakhang

Ta Rimochan or Ti Rimochen is a Buddhist monastery in Bhutan belonging to the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. It is located near the village of Misethang in the Tang Valley east of Jakar.

According to legend, Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) meditated on a giant rock, and together with his two consorts Mandarava and Yeshe Tsogyal, left footprints here. The name of the temple is associated with tiger stripes, which can be seen on the rock.

There are two large rocks below the temple which are stated to “represent male and female jachung” or garudas. The location of a pond Padmasambhava used for ablutions is also marked. The cremation grounds are located near a “two legged khonying” or “two-legged archway chorten”.

The temple itself was founded by Pema Lingpa in the 14th century, right under the cliff. This establishment had been earlier predicted by religious master Longchenpa, who had seen it in a vision. In the 19th century the temple was restored by a distant descendant of Dorje Lingpa himself, Penlop Dorje Tsoke of Trongsa District.

– Wikipedia Tang Rimochen Lhakhang

Ta Rimochen Lhakhang

It was a brief stop and we did not actually visit the temple (located on a hill above the road). But our guide Tashi did show us an area by the roadside that was tied to a famous legion involving Guru Rinpoche. On one of the large rocks scattered about was an imprint thought to be leftover from an epic bout of tantric lovemaking between Guru Rinpoche and his consort, Yeshey Tsogyal.

Imprint Left From Lovemaking Between Guru Rinpoche and His Consort, Yeshey Tsogyal

In a funny moment that gave us all a laugh, our guide Tashi gave us a brief demonstration of what took place by sitting on the imprint area.

Our Guide Tashi Having a Little Fun By Giving Us a Demonstration

Map – Ta Rimochen Lhakhang

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