Surat Thani | Thailand

Surat Thani Train Station

Family Thailand Tour 2020

Surat Thani | Thailand

01 Feb 2020 | Sat

Day 07 of 18

  • Seatran Ferry – Koh Samui to Surat Thani
  • Drive | Donsak Pier to Surat Thani Train Station
  • Surat Thani Train Station
  • Train #40 | Surat Thani to Hua Hin
  • Centara Grand Beach Resort Villas Hua Hin

Surat Thani Train Station

Situated in the southern Thai province of the same name, Surat Thani Train Station is the final stop on the Southern Line. It is also a junction station where the Southern Line meets the North-South Line, making it an important hub for travelers in Thailand. The station was built in 1916 and has been renovated several times since. Today, it is a modern and well-equipped facility that serves both local and long-distance trains.

Surat Thani Train Station

Surat Thani Railway Station (SRT Code: SRN) is the main railway station in Surat Thani Province, Thailand. It is on the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) Southern Line, located 635.106 km from Thon Buri railway station. The station is on the east bank of Tapi River in Tha Kham town, Phun Phin District. Surat Thani Station first opened in 1915, and was originally named Phun Phin Station. The name was later changed to “Surat Thani Railway Station”.

It is also the station to alight for passengers traveling to Ko Samui.

In World War II, the Imperial Japanese Army used the station as a base for military activity. The station and the Chulachomklao Bridge (then named Tha Kham) across the Tapi were both bombed in May 1945 by American aircraft. The RSR (former name of the SRT) built a new station, called Surat Thani 2 railway station, on the north bank of the Tapi River opposite the old station.

Surat Thani 2 railway station was demolished after the Chulachomklao Bridge was opened for traffic in a ceremony on 16 February 1953, and the new Surat Thani Station building was finished in 1954.

– Wikipedia Surat Thani Train Station

Surat Thani Train Station

We arrived to Surat Thani Train Station earlier than expected, so we had about an hour wait before our train to Hua Hin. This gave us some time to people watch and take pictures of the train station.

The station is a hub of activity, especially when the passing trains would stop by. They don’t stop for long, so people on the train are quickly trying to get off while others are trying to get on. Food vendors will also walk through the stopped trains, offering a wide variety of Thai food, fruit, and snacks.

Train #40 – Surat Thani to Hua Hin

Our train ride from Surat Thani to Hun Hin was comfortable and relaxing. The scenery outside the window was beautiful, and we enjoyed watching the world go by. The train station was fairly clean and well-organized, and we were able to find our way around easily. Overall, we had a great experience and would recommend this method of travel to others.

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