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Sunshine Hotel Zhangjiajie

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09 Jan 2020 | Thu

Day 13 of 18

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Sunshine Hotel Zhangjiajie

Our stay at Sunshine Hotel Zhangjiajie was just for one night (to make it easy for the early morning flight). After checking in, we decided to stay in for the evening to give Kanchana more time to rest and get better from her bad chest cold.

Sunshine Hotel Zhangjiajie

Entrance & Lobby

The entrance/lobby area took “grand” to another level. As you can see from the photos below, the design was definitely colorful and bold.

Our Room

Our room was designed in an elegant, classy style. It covered all the basics with a comfortable king bed, desk, chair with an ottoman, and standard bathroom. There was also a nice bar area for making coffee or tea.

Restaurant / Breakfast

The breakfast buffet (and dining room) in the hotel restaurant were huge. They offered a large selection of traditional breakfast foods (breads, pastries, cereal, eggs, etc.), Chinese offerings (stir-fries, soups, dumplings, hot buns, etc.), and an assortment of fruit & yogurt.

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