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29 Nov 2009 | Sun

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Scott’s Pizza Tours New York City

Scott’s Pizza Tours is the premier pizza-tasting experience in New York City. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the diverse pizzas of America’s largest city from the comfort and convenience of an experienced guide. For over five years, Scott’s Pizza Tours has been helping visitors discover the best slices that NYC has to offer with its personalized tours.

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Each tour includes a trip to three (or four) different pizzerias, giving guests a chance to taste some of the city’s most famous pies from establishments such as Di Fara Pizzeria and John’s of Bleecker Street. Along the way, knowledgeable tour guides will share interesting facts about each restaurant’s history and provide helpful tips on how to select delicious pizza wherever they go. Guests will receive discounts at every stop and even get to take home a complimentary slice or two!

We’re pizza lovers first, tour guides second. Our mission is to welcome you into the fold of NYC’s storied pizza culture. We do that by having great relationships with the best pizzerias in New York City. Our tours support small businesses by purchasing their food and sharing the stories they don’t have time to tell. When that story gets complicated, we do the research to separate fact from fiction. You may think pizza is just the world’s most delicious food, but it’s really science, history, culture, people…and also cheese.

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