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Princess Panama Canal Cruise – Arrival and Check-In

Princess Panama Canal Cruise

Port Everglades | Fort Lauderdale

09 Dec 2018 | Sun

Day 01 of 09

  • Drive | Tampa to “Park & Go” Lot in Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale
  • Princess Cruise Check-In
  • Check-In to Room
  • Leave Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale

Princess Panama Canal Cruise – Arrival and Check-In

Tampa to Fort Lauderdale & Princess Cruise Check In

Traveling from Tampa (Sunday 11th), we arrived at Port Everglades “Park & Go” in Fort Lauderdale around 9:30 am.  It only took us around 3.5 hours to get here from Tampa.  We quickly unloaded our bags and jumped onto a van that took us to the area where we would board our cruise ship.  After waiting a few minutes, they quickly processed our Passports and handed us our travel documents and “Princess Ocean Medallion”.  The Ocean Medallion is a wearable device that acts like a personal concierge, offering wayfinding, food and beverage ordering, gaming, entertainment, and other functions. The device itself is a quarter-sized, 1.8-ounce disc that hangs from a neck lanyard.  In addition to this Medallion, you can also hang your room key from the same lanyard.  It uses a proximity type scanner so when you arrive close to your room your door automatically unlocks – which was very nice.

Princess Ocean Medallion

Our Room

Our room would be considered small compared to most hotel rooms, but we found it to be very pleasant and comfortable.  The bathroom is a bit cramped, with the shower being a bit of a challenge for a tall person.

Our Small but Spacious Room

Our room was categorized as an “Obstructed View” (due to the hanging lifeboat outside our window).

Lifeboat Outside our Window

Our Room

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