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Primefold Hotel Siem Reap – Formerly Chronicle Angkor Hotel

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22 Nov 2015 | Sun

Day 05 of 47

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> Primefold Hotel Siem Reap – Formerly Chronicle Angkor Hotel <

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– Primefold Hotel Siem Reap –
(Formerly Chronicle Angkor Hotel)

After picking us up from Siem Reap International Airport, our driver transported us to Primefold / Chronicle Angkor Hotel.  A 14 room boutique hotel that is located a short walk from the city center.  Once we arrived, the staff greeted us with warm welcomes and smiles along with wet towels (to wash our hands and face) and refreshing tropical drinks.

Entrance & Lobby

Our Room – Presidential Suite Pool View

We have found that boutique hotels can sometimes have unusual architectural styles and room layouts (usually to compensate for their smaller size facility).  Sometimes this concept works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Chronicle Angkor takes a smaller size and makes great use of it.  The facility only has 14 rooms but it feels much larger.  Our room, the “Presidential Suite Pool View” (love the over-the-top-title) falls into the more unusual category.  It makes use of multi-level concrete floors and walls with a somewhat cabana theme.  The interior entrance is made up of concrete blocks are surrounded by river rock pebbles.  This theme is repeated with the large free-standing bathtub and shower areas.  There are some Asian-themed walls and flooring that are lined with wood siding panels and lots of modern ceiling spotlighting.  It’s an unusual concept and design but we feel they’ve pulled it off very well.

Outdoor Restaurant / Breakfast and Pool Area

YouTube – Breakfast by Poolside

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    • Things have gone well for us in Siem Reap, its a cool town! We now are getting ready to move on to our next destination, Myanmar. Thanks for the comments Miguel!

  1. Very nice! Good use of limited space. Some constructive feedback if they’re interested … acid wash the concrete (especially the floor surfaces). Brown or copper, mottled effect. Had some friends that did this with a basement floor … amazing transformation! And very low cost. Would fit in nicely with the look and color palette of the room I think.


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