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Osaka to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park – The Perfect One Day Trip and Self Walking Tour

Osaka to Hiroshima

– The Perfect One-Day Trip and Self-Walking Tour –

Hiroshima Station to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Our day trip from Osaka to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park was a memorable journey. We started our day by hopping on the Osaka to Hiroshima Shinkansen Bullet Train. Upon arriving at Hiroshima Station, we embarked on a walking tour to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

Map | Shinkansen Bullet Train – Osaka to Hiroshima

The park houses several significant monuments. We visited the Hiroshima Memorial Tower to the Mobilized Students, the iconic Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome, and the Hiroshima Flame of Peace. We also paid our respects at the Hiroshima Victim’s Memorial Cenotaph and explored the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Our visit concluded with the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall and the Hiroshima Children’s Peace Monument.

Walking Map | Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

After a day filled with reflection and learning, we walked back to Hiroshima Station and took the Hiroshima to Osaka Shinkansen Bullet Train back home. The entire trip was surprisingly easy to navigate, making it a feasible and enriching day trip for anyone interested in history and peace.

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