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Nyaung-U Town and Mani Sithu Market

– Southeast Asia Tour 2015 –

> Nyaung-U | Bagan | Myanmar <

30 Nov 2015 | Mon

Day 13 of 47

Today’s Events:

– Flight – Yangon International Airport to Bagan Nyaung-U Airport

> Nyaung-U Town and Mani Sithu Market <

– Shwezigon Pagoda Nyaung-U

– Gubyaukgyi Temple Myinkaba

– Bagan’s Vast Temple Plains

– Htilominlo Temple Nyaung-U

– Ananda Temple Bagan

– Queen Restaurant Nyaung-U

– The Hotel at Tharabar Gate Bagan

– Manuha Temple Myinkaba

– Nanpaya Temple Myinkaba

– Lacquerware Factory Bagan

– Thatbyinnyu Temple Bagan

– Our First Sunset in Bagan

– Nyaung-U Town and Mani Sithu Market –

After getting picked at Bagan Airport (around 7:50 am) our tour guide was ready to start visiting sites in and around Bagan. Our first place to visit was a daily market in the nearby town of Nyaung U (also known as Nyaung Oo).

Nyaung-U Town

Having arrived in Nyauang-U early in the morning, the small town was busy with activity. With many locals coming and going from the local market, we saw various forms of transportation, such as walking, pulling carts, motorbikes, scooters, and even horses and buggies.

But very few automobiles as I’m sure many are not able to afford. We loved the atmosphere and energy of this community.

Nyaung-U Mani Sithu Market

Typical as most of this type of markets you will find a variety of merchandise such as spices, fish, meats, fruits, vegetables, clothes, shoes – you name it, it probably can be found here.

As great as these local markets can be they can also be a bit touristy which means the prices can be a bit higher than the markets that just cater to the locals.

These various size balls are made out of handwoven rattan and are used to play the kicking game “Chinlone” – the traditional, national sport of Myanmar. Similar to hacky-sack, chinlone is played by individuals passing the ball among each other within a circle without using their hands.

For More About Chinlone:

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