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Neak Pean Angkor

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24 Nov 2015 | Tue

Day 06 of 46

  • Morning Tuk Tuk Ride to Angkor Wat
  • Angkor Archaeological Park Visitor Center
  • Angkor Thom North Gate
  • Preah Khan Angkor
  • Neak Pean Angkor
  • Ta Som Angkor
  • East Mebon Angkor
  • Pre Rup Angkor
  • Banteay Kdei Angkor

Neak Pean Angkor

Neak Pean Angkor is an iconic 12th-century temple located in the ancient city of Angkor, Cambodia. The temple is part of the Angkor Wat complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its unique architecture and lush surroundings, Neak Pean has captured the imaginations of travelers for centuries.

Neak Pean Angkor

The centerpiece of Neak Pean is a four-armed statue known as the Naga or snake god that sits atop a lotus pond surrounded by four small satellite temples. The temple was originally built to honor Vishnu, one of the three main Hindu gods. Its design symbolizes harmony between heaven and earth and stands as a representation of balance between people and nature. As such, it is seen as both a spiritual and cultural icon from this period in history.

Neak Pean (or Neak Poan) (Khmer: ប្រាសាទនាគព័ន្ធ, “the entwined serpents”) at Angkor, Cambodia is an artificial island with a Buddhist temple on a circular island in Jayatataka Baray, which was associated with Preah Khan temple, built during the reign of King Jayavarman VII.  It is the “Mebon” of the Preah Khan baray (the “Jayatataka” of the inscription).

– Wikipedia Neak Pean

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