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Nature Walk to Tamshing Lhakhang | Swinging Bridge | Local Weaving and Handicrafts

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13 Nov 2019 | Wed

Day 07 of 13

  • Drive | Jakar to Tang Valley
  • Jambay Lhakhang
  • Kurjey Lhakhang
  • Nature Walk to Tamshing Lhakhang – Swinging Bridge & Local Handcrafts
  • Tamshing Lhakhang
  • Lunch in Bumthang
  • Mebar Tsho – The Burning Lake
  • Pema Choling Nunnery
  • Ogyen Choling Manor and Museum

Nature Walk to Tamshing Lhakhang
Swinging Bridge | Local Weaving | Handicrafts

After finishing our visit at Kurjey Lhakhang the next leg of our journey was a short walk to Tamshing Lhakhang Temple (located on the opposite side of Bumthang Chhu River). This interesting little trek included walking across a well-seasoned suspended swing bridge (covered in prayer flags), a short little jaunt along the riverside (through an area of wild-growing cannabis), and then a visit to a local weaving and handicrafts shop.

Map – Nature Walk to Tamshing Lhakhang

Map – Nature Walk to Tamshing Lhakhang

Swinging Bridge

After a short walk from Kurjey Lhakhang along a local road path, it was time to cross the Bumthang Chhu River. At the time we were visiting this area (November 2019), we crossed the river by walking over a very unique, well-seasoned suspended swing bridge. I say well season because of the weathered condition. The bridge was missing quite a few wood planks but we took it slow and made it just fine. Visually the bridge was stunning because it was covered in an abundance of prayer flags.

Suspended Swing Bridge Over Bumthang Chhu River

Note! – Swinging Bridge May Have Been Washed Out

At some point before June 2020, it appears this bridge was damaged or possably washed away due to heavy rains and flooding. When looking at recent imagery on Google Maps Street View (June 2020), it appears that the bridge and adjoining road may have been washed away due to river flooding. Hopefully, they will rebuild this suspended swing bridge back one day, as it was a highlight of our walk to Tamshing Lhakhang.

Bridge Covered In Pray Flags

Walk By Riverside

After crossing the exciting suspended swing bridge we had a nice little hile along the riverside. It’s a beautiful area with awesome views of the Bumthang Chhu River and surrounding mountains.

Beautiful Views Overlooking Bumthang Chhu River

Wild Growing Cannabis

Before we reached the road path, we were all surprised to walk through an area full of wild-growing cannabis!

Wild Growing Cannabis

Cannabis in Bhutan is illegal, but grows prolifically in the country and has multiple traditional uses, such as feeding pigs and producing textiles.

– Wikipedia Cannabis in Bhutan

De-Gyal Handicraft and General Shop

Before we reached Tamshing Lhakhang, we stopped off and visited De-Gyal Handicraft and General Shop. The specialty of the shop was hand-made woven fabrics, bags, and clothing. They also had a wooden loom where they demonstrated how Bhutanese handmade woven fabrics were made.

De-Gyal Handicraft and General Shop
Handmade Colorful Bhutanese Woven Fabric

Arrival at Tamshing Lhakhang

Entrance to Tamshing Lhakhang

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