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Mountainside Overlook Trongsa

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Trongsa | Bhutan

16 Nov 2019 | Sat

Day 10 of 13

  • Return Drive – Bumthang to Trongsa to Punakha
  • Roadside Overlook – Group Photos – Trongsa
  • Mountainside Overlook Trongsa
  • Roadside Gift Stand
  • Grey Langur Monkeys Trongsa
  • Four Boutique Hotel Punakha

Mountainside Overlook Trongsa

Our stop here was another interesting mountainside overlook with a beautiful view. I also included a few pictures of some vertical road rock cuts (cantilevered over the road) and sheer drops off the edge of the road!

This section of road is much improved from just a few years ago. Looking at Google Photos of this same section from 2013 shows that it was just a single-lane road.

Example of Vertical Rock Cut Cantilevered Over Road
Example of a Sheer Drop-Off Edge of Road (One of Few Spots with Guardrail)
Beautiful View of Valley Below

Map – Mountainside Overlook Trongsa

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