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16 Nov 2019 | Sat

Day 10 of 13

Today’s Events:

– Return Drive – Bumthang to Trongsa to Punakha

– Roadside Overlook – Group Photos – Trongsa

> Mountainside Overlook Trongsa <

– Roadside Gift Stand

– Grey Langur Monkeys Trongsa

– Four Boutique Hotel Punakha

– Mountainside Overlook Trongsa –

Our stop here was another interesting mountainside overlook with a beautiful view. I also included a few pictures of some of the vertical road rocks cuts (cantilevered over the road) and sheer drops off the edge of the road!

This section of road is much improved from just a few years ago. Looking at Google Photos at this same section from 2013 shows that it was just a single-lane road.

Example of Vertical Rock Cut Cantilevered Over Road
Example of a Sheer Drop Off Edge of Road (One of Few Spots with Guardrail)
Beautiful View of Valley Below

Map – Mountainside Overlook Trongsa

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