Mount Popa | Myanmar

Mount Popa Local Market

Southeast Asia Tour 2015

Bagan | Mount Popa | Myanmar

01 Dec 2015 | Tue

Day 13 of 46

  • Drive to Mount Popa | Our Car Broke Down
  • Roadside Palm Sugar Demonstration Farm and Distillery Mount Popa
  • What is Distilled Palm Toddy Wine and How it is Made in Myanmar
  • Mount Popa Bagan
  • Mount Popa Local Market
  • Dhammayangyi Temple Bagan
  • Colorful Ox Carts Bagan
  • Visited Renovated Temple
  • Our Second Sunset in Bagan
  • Star Beam Bistro Bagan

Mount Popa Local Market

Mount Popa, Myanmar is home to a vibrant and bustling local vegetable market. Every day, local farmers gather in the city center to sell their freshly-harvested produce. The fragrant aromas of vegetables waft through the air as customers seek out the perfect ingredients for a delicious meal.

Mount Popa Local Market

The Mount Popa market has something for everyone. Exotic fruits and vegetables from all over Southeast Asia can be found here, including colorful banana peppers, long beans, and tasty tomatoes that burst with flavor when cooked. If you’re looking for something unique or unusual, ask one of the friendly vendors – they’ll be happy to help!

Beautiful Tree at Mount Popa Local Market

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