Mount Popa | Myanmar

Mount Popa Local Market

– Southeast Asia Tour 2015 –

> Mount Popa | Myanmar <

01 Dec 2015 | Tue

Day 14 of 47

Today’s Events:

– Drive to Mount Popa – Our Car Broke Down

– Roadside Palm Sugar Demonstration Farm and Distillery Mount Popa

– Mount Popa Bagan – Nat Spirits | Hordes of Monkeys | 777 Steps!

> Mount Popa Local Market <

– Dhammayangyi Temple Bagan

– Colorful Ox Carts Bagan

– Visited Renovated Temple

– Our Second Sunset in Bagan

– Star Beam Bistro Bagan

– Mount Popa Local Market –

After visiting Mount Popa we stopped off by the local market.  In addition to the usual fruits and vegetables, there was a large selection of plants, trees, and shrubbery.

Mount Popa Local Market

Speaking of trees, look how beautiful this one is sitting in the middle of town!

Beautiful Tree at Mount Popa Local Market

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