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Mae Fah Luang Garden

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06 Dec 2017 | Wed

Day 08 of 30

Today’s Events:

– Thai Myanmar Border Countryside Views

– Pha Hi Akha Village

– Wat Phra That Doi Tung

> Mae Fah Luang Garden <

– Mae Fah Luang Garden –

The last item for the day was to visit the beautifully landscaped gardens of Mae Fah Luang.  Located on the mountain of Doi Tung, these 10 acres of gardens were created by the late mother of Thailand’s previous King Bhumibol Adulyadej.  In the past, there were no good roads to travel to this area so the Princess Mother had to travel by helicopter.  Because of this, the local ethnic people referred to her as “Mae Fah Luang” which translates to “Royal Mother from the Sky”.

The site of this garden was once the home to the Akha village of Pa Kluay.  In earlier times, this village was infamous for its major opium production and transportation hub.  The Princess Mother (a former nurse) always had a special interest in the health and welfare of the ethnic hill tribe people.  Over the years she would visit this area along with bringing medical teams to help the sick along with offering clothes, food, and basic essentials.  As a way to give back to the community (and alternative to opium production), the flowers for this large garden complex are grown and maintained by local villagers who can take advantage of the tourist revenue and job opportunities.  In addition to helping the community, the Prince Mother wanted to give all the Thai people who have never traveled overseas an opportunity to enjoy a temperate flower garden.

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