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Luang Prabang 20th Anniversary UNESCO World Heritage Parade

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Luang Prabang | Laos

09 Dec 2015 | Wed

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  • Luang Prabang 20th Anniversary UNESCO World Heritage Parade
  • Mekong River Cruise Luang Prabang
  • Luang Prabang Night Market

Luang Prabang 20th Anniversary UNESCO World Heritage Parade

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Luang Prabang’s UNESCO World Heritage status and to celebrate, the city is hosting a spectacular parade! From traditional Lao dance performances to art installations, this event will feature a variety of cultural displays that showcase the beauty of this region. This grand celebration of Luang Prabang’s past and present will be an experience like no other—one that locals and tourists alike will enjoy.

Parading Elephants Grand Finale

With this being the case, we got up and had breakfast a little earlier than normal so that we could get a good spot by 9 am. It was a very nice parade that had a lot of local people participating. The grand finale of the parade was the “Parade of Elephants” which was made up of 10 or so walking through the main downtown. This was definitely the highlight of the day!

The Town of Luang Prabang has been inscribed on 9 December 1995 upon the World Heritage List of the Convention concerning the protection of the World Culture and Natural Heritage Inscription on the List confirms the exceptional universal value of a cultural or natural site which deserves protection for the benefit of all humanity,

– UNESCO World Heritage Centre

YouTube Videos

Posted below are several videos taken of the parade.  This last video shows the “Parading Elephants” grand finale.

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