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02 Jan 2020 | Thu

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Lao Daowai Harbin

Lao Daowai is a small town in northeastern China with a rich history. It was founded over 1,000 years ago and served as a key trading post on the Silk Road. Lao Daowai was also an important stop on the Trans-Manchurian Railway, which linked China to Russia. Today, Lao Daowai is a popular tourist destination for its unique architecture and beautiful scenery.

Lao Daowai Harbin

Chinese Baroque Street or Lao Daowai is a neighborhood and tourist destination located in Daowai District, Harbin, China. The street is known for its high historic value and integrated architectural style of Baroque façades and Chinese quads (Siheyuan). It is the largest existing area of Baroque buildings in China.

In first half of the 20th century, Harbin was divided into two parts – the eastern district (today Daoli and Nangang) for Russian, Jewish and Polish people, and the western part (then named Fujiadian, today Daowai) part for the Chinese. A number of architectures in various styles including eclectic, Baroque, Renaissance and modern are built in eastern part of the city. The Chinese industrialists in the western part of the city built their shops and residences resembling European styles, but adopted Chinese construction methods, resulting in European façades and Chinese quads (Yuan Luo).

In 2010s, the neighborhood was refurbished and transferred into a tourist destination and reopened to public in 2014.

– Wikipedia Lao Daowai Harbin

The structures are pretty to look at and to take pictures of but other than that there is not much else to see or do here.

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