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Journal – Preparing for Thailand – Qatar Airways Offers Upgrade to Business Class

– Return to Thailand 2022 –

> Preparing for Thailand <

> Qatar Airways Offers Upgrade to Business Class <

04 May 2022 | Wed

Preparing For Thailand & Navigating Through the Chaos

At the time we were making our travel arrangements to Thailand, we were also having to also navigate through the chaos of it all. What do I mean by this?

  • Waiting and hoping Thailand would finalize changes to relaxing their proposed entry requirements
  • Picking the day, we would return
  • Preparing all the necessary paperwork to meet Thailand entry requirements
  • The difficult task of researching airline tickets, right at the moment that airfares prices were soaring
  • Factoring all of the above to determine the optimum day to return to Thailand (May 10th, 2022)

Normally we like to fly either Korean Air or ANA All Nippon Airways, but due to rising airfares, our only affordable option at the time was Qatar Airways. This was not a problem as we’ve flown with Qatar Airways before, back in 2017 (a great experience).

Before the recent rise in airfares, the going rate for a one-way ticket to Bangkok was in the $650-$850 range, but now they had jumped as high as $6,000! Lucky for us, Qatar still offered tickets in the $950 range (around $1,900 for both).

Qatar Offers an Upgrade to Business Class!

A few days after we purchased our tickets, Qatar Airways offered us a paid upgrade to business class with their famous Qsuites. The price was much lower than normal, but still a bit pricey (for us and most people). Business class was something we’ve always wanted to try but always felt it was too expensive or out of our price range. After thinking and talking about it for a while, we decided… LETS’S DO IT!

The worst part about getting to Thailand is the long, grueling flights (especially in economy) and layovers. For most people in the US, it requires three flights to get to Thailand (possibly more):

  • Home City to US Airline Hub City | duration 2 to 4+ hours
  • US Airline Hub City to Country of Airline (say Korea, Japan, or Qatar) | duration 12 to 15+ hours
  • Country of Airline to Bangkok | duration 5 to 7+ hours

It is what it is and there are no shortcuts to this part. The only way to improve this portion of travel would be to upgrade to business class. So after our upgrade, our usual feelings of anxiety and dread instantly changed to excitement and happiness! We couldn’t wait to get on our flights! 😊

The business class upgrade would only apply to our two longest flights, Chicago O’Hare to Doha, Qatar, and Doha, Qatar to Bangkok, Thailand.

Qatar Airways Qsuites – A New Way to Fly

Pure privacy
Welcoming the new standard of Business Class.

Our journeys have always been exclusive, but now – with the introduction of our first-ever Business Class suites with doors, we have created an experience that redefines your expectations.

Your suite offers ambient mood lighting, fully lie-flat beds and generous storage space, creating a new standard in comfort.

A class of its own
Our first-ever cabin to offer aft and forward-facing seats, takes cabin innovation to an entirely new level, thanks to its quad configuration. Introducing the quad, a private space fully adaptable to you and your companions’ requirements.

Cabin interiors are designed in our signature colours of burgundy and grey, enhanced with elegant and warm rose gold detailing. Our seats have been thoughtfully dressed in the latest and finest fabrics, to optimise your comfort. The media panel also comes with an all-access power port, with USB, HDMI and NFC capabilities for your convenience.

A new way to fly
Introducing the quad, a private space fully adaptable to you and your companions’ requirements.

Whether travelling with family, friends, or business colleagues, movable panels will allow you to transform your space into a social area, allowing you to work, dine or socialise at 40,000 feet. And when you wish to relax or sleep, we transform your space back into your own private room for the ultimate in privacy and comfort. It’s Business Class like never before.

World-class entertainment
With up to 4,000 options to choose from, immerse yourself in seat-gripping action, tension-filled drama, or let yourself unwind into a world of make-believe on board our Business Class.

Leaving our mark
We have partnered with two Italian luxury brands BRIC’s and Castello Monte Vibiano. Our amenity kit includes a range of skin care products and in-flight necessities that are designed exclusively to ensure that you arrive fresh at your destination.

A restful journey
Our first fully lie-flat double bed promises you and your travel companion the ultimate journey in Business Class.

Our bespoke turn down service complete with pillows, a quilted mattress and a soft, plush duvet is now complemented by The White Company sleepwear and slippers* to further enhance your quality of sleep. Our suites feature doors and a Do Not Disturb indicator, so your slumber is guaranteed to be uninterrupted.

– from Qatar Airways Website Onboard Qsuite
Introducing Qsuite – Qatar Airways New Business Class

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