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Hokan-ji Temple Kyoto

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24 Feb 2024 | Sat

Day 05 of 17

  • Shinkansen Bullet Train – Tokyo to Kyoto
  • View Mount Fuji from Tokyo to Kyoto Bullet Train
  • Shizutetsu Hotel Prezio Kyoto Shijo
  • Walking Kyoto’s Famous Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka Streets
  • Hokan-ji Temple Kyoto
  • Kiyomizu-Dera Temple Gate Kyoto
  • Daikanyama Candy Apple Kiyomizu Ninenzaka
  • Daidokoro Forested Slope to Kōdaiji Temple
  • Walk Back to Hotel

Hokan-ji Temple Kyoto

As we were wandering through the old neighborhoods of Kyoto, we stumbled upon a towering structure that caught our eye. It was the Hokan-ji Temple, also known as the Yasaka Pagoda. This five-story building, standing 46 meters high, was nestled between the famous Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Yasaka-jinja Shrine.

Hokan-ji Temple Kyoto

Like all areas in Kyoto, it was very crowded with tourists trying to find the perfect spot to take a photo. The late afternoon sun was shining on the Hokan-ji Temple, lighting it up beautifully. It was like the temple was glowing from the sunlight, making it a perfect time for us to take pictures.

The Yasaka Pagoda, also known as the Tower of Yasaka, is a Buddhist pagoda located in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan. The 5-story tall pagoda is the last remaining structure of a 6th-century temple complex known as Hōkan Temple (Hōkan-ji). The pagoda is now a tourist attraction.

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Map | Hokan-ji (Yasaka) Temple

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