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High Speed Train – Luoyang to Xian

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Luoyang | China

04 Jan 2020 | Sat

Day 08 of 18

  • Longmen Grottoes
  • Lunch | Traditional Chinese Restaurant Luoyang
  • Luoyang Old Town District
  • Tianzi Jialiu Museum
  • High Speed Train | Luoyang to Xian
  • Meet Xian Tour Guide (Rainbow) & Driver
  • Sofitel Xian On Renmin Square Hotel

High Speed Train | Luoyang to Xian

New High-Speed Train Option | Luoyang to Xian

For those looking to tour one of China’s most popular ancient capitals, Xian, a new high-speed train makes the journey much easier and quicker. The trip from Luoyang, another historic city in China’s east, takes just over two hours on the new bullet train.

The journey between these two cities has always been a popular one for tourists because of the number of ancient historical sites that are located in both places.

Our Experience

We very much enjoyed our first ever high-speed train experience, traveling from Luoyang to Xian. Our guide James bought our tickets for us and explained the process of catching the train. The process was a bit nerve-wracking because when our train arrived we only had a few minutes to walk a long distance, find our train car and enter the train. We made it, but just barely.

After getting onboard and finding our seats, our remaining experience/time to Xian was awesome (very smooth and quiet). The train car displayed our speed, and at times we were traveling over 200 miles per hour (ca. 322 kilometers per hour). Our total time traveling was a little over 2 hours.

Luoyang Longmen Railway Station

Speed Train – Luoyang to Xian

Xi’an North Railway Station

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