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Hatsune Sushi Kyoto

Japan Winter 2024

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26 Feb 2024 | Mon

Day 07 of 17

  • Yasaka Shrine Kyoto
  • Maruyama Park
  • Chion-in Temple Kyoto
  • Mausoleum Emperor Hanazono Kyoto
  • Shorenin Monzeki
  • Hatsune Sushi Kyoto
  • Walk to Nanzen-ji Temple
  • Nanzenji Temple Kyoto

Hatsune Sushi Kyoto

After a morning spent exploring the Mausoleum Emperor Hanazono Kyoto and catching a glimpse of the Shorenin Monzeki, which was unfortunately under restoration, our stomachs led us to Hatsune Sushi Kyoto. This gem of a restaurant, tucked away just a short 6-minute walk from our location, caught our attention with its high ratings on Google Maps.

Entrance to Hatsune Sushi Kyoto

Hatsune Sushi Kyoto is a charming, old-school sushi shop run by a warm and welcoming older couple. It’s clear from the moment you step in that this place has a rich history and has been serving up delicious sushi for many years.

Old School Sushi Chef at Hatsune Sushi Kyoto

Our lunch there was nothing short of extraordinary. The sushi was a feast for the senses – beautifully presented and bursting with flavor. We sampled a variety of makis, niguiris, and sashimi, each more delicious than the last. The quality of the ingredients shone through in every bite, making the experience truly memorable.

Amazing Sushi at Hatsune Sushi Kyoto

Accompanied by excellent sake, our meal at Hatsune Sushi Kyoto wasn’t just about the food. It was a cultural experience that gave us a taste of traditional Japanese hospitality and cuisine. We left with full stomachs and hearts, absolutely in love with our experience.

Map | Yasaka Shrine Kyoto

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