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Harbin Splendent Hotel

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Harbin | China

31 Dec 2019 | New Year’s Eve | Tue

Day 04 of 18

  • Drive to Beijing Airport (Capital)
  • Flight | Beijing to Harbin
  • Meet Harbin Tour Guide (Sherry) & Driver
  • Drive | Downtown Harbin to Hotel
  • Harbin Splendent Hotel

Harbin Splendent Hotel

Harbin Splendent Hotel ended up being our least favorite hotel while staying in China. When planning a long trip with a tour company (such as 18 days in China) it really pays to research all the hotels ahead of time. What tripped me up with this accommodation was there was another hotel with the same name that was much nicer (at least that’s what it appears).

Entrance & Lobby

Our Room

We made it just fine staying here, it just wasn’t as nice as all of our other accommodations in China (for example: our room, bathroom, and carpet here were NOT very clean). For us, our stay here was not very “Splendent”.

Restaurant / Breakfast

The restaurant where breakfast was located was very modern and provided a decent selection (catering mostly to Chinese).

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