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Grey Langur Monkeys Trongsa

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Trongsa | Bhutan

16 Nov 2019 | Sat

Day 10 of 13

  • Return Drive – Bumthang to Trongsa to Punakha
  • Roadside Overlook – Group Photos – Trongsa
  • Mountainside Overlook Trongsa
  • Roadside Gift Stand
  • Grey Langur Monkeys Trongsa
  • Four Boutique Hotel Punakha

Grey Langur Monkeys Trongsa

In a bit of a surprise, we drove up on a group of Grey Langur Monkeys. They were going through some trash bags left behind, looking for food. We did our best to capture some photos, but they scattered pretty fast.

Grey Langur Monkey Looking For Food

We think the ones on the ground were definitely Grey Langur’s but one of the photos I captured of a mother and baby (in a tree) looks like could have been a Golden Langur (due to their golden color) – but I could be mistaken on this. The Golden Langur is listed as one of the most endangered primate species of India and Bhutan.

Possibly a Golden Langur with Baby

Grey Langur Monkeys Trongsa

Map – Grey Langur Monkeys Trongsa

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