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Flight – Tokyo Narita to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

Southeast Asia Tour 2015

Narita | Bangkok | Thailand

19 Nov 2015 | Thu

Day 01 of 46

  • Flight | Raleigh NC to Houston Texas
  • Flight | Houston Texas to Narita Japan
  • Flight | Narita Japan to Bangkok Thailand
  • It feels good to be back in the “Big Mango”!
  • The Peninsula Bangkok

Flight | Tokyo Narita to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

Tokyo Narita Airport

It was our first time in Japan, along with visiting Tokyo’s Narita Airport.  We didn’t have a lot of time between flights, so we didn’t get to explore as we hoped.  It seems to be an older airport, as the International section did not provide an elevated walkway to the airplane (or what they call a “Jet Bridge”).  However, they were very efficient, when they call for us to board we got on a large bus that took us out on the tarmac to the plane (a Boeing 787 Dreamliner).  With this being said, it still felt strange to enter such a large plane from a stairwell on the tarmac.  Check out the size of the 787 engines:

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Rolls Royce Engine

Star Wars at Tokyo Narita Airport

A week or so ago, I read about Nippon Airways teaming up with Lucasfilm to create a series of movie-themed planes.  We were lucky enough to actually see one at Tokyo’s Narita Airport.  When I spotted it, I was like, could it possibly be the plane that we fly to Bangkok on?!?!?!  Use THE FORCE, Dean, Use THE FORCE!  I did try using it, but unfortunately, the force “was not strong enough” to make this happen. 😜

ANA Nippon Star Wars Plane

Here’s a link to ANA Nippon’s “Star Wars Project” website.  For Star Wars fans, this website is a must-see! Be sure to turn the sound up!

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Next up is our arrival at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.  The third leg of our trip (Tokyo to Bangkok) went well.  As I mentioned before we flew on a newer Boeing 787 which was great, the only problem we had was the lack of space where we sat.  I recently heard that airlines were ordering these newer-style planes by adding as many seats as they could.  The end result is very limited seating space, such as narrow seat width, limited legroom, and no “elbow room”.  It was not the most comfortable seating arrangement for a 6-hour flight, but we made it.  I would not want to try this type of plane for the longest leg of this trip, the 15 hours from Houston to Tokyo.

Arriving in Bangkok late in the evening (10:30 pm) is the best time to arrive.  The airport is less crowded, easy to get a taxi, and has very little traffic when traveling to the hotel.

It feels good to be back in the “Big Mango”!

Our trip over the last two days has gone well without any problems or issues.  Typically, we fly Korean Air, but this time we tried a new airline – Air Nippon (or ANA, All Nippon Airways).  For the most part, their service was similar to Korean Air, with a few differences here and there.  Overall, we were very satisfied with their service.  For some reason, it seemed to have gone by faster than the previous trips over.

Now let’s find a taxi and make our way to The Peninsula Bangkok!

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