Bangkok | Phitsanulok | Thailand

Flight – Bangkok to Phitsanulok

Thailand Tour 2013

Bangkok | Phitsanulok | Thailand

05 Nov 2013 | Tue

Day 20 of 43

  • Flight | Bangkok to Phitsanulok
  • Yodia Heritage Hotel Phitsanulok

Flight | Bangkok to Phitsanulok

Our original plans were to take the train to Chiang Mai, but that got canceled due to a recent train derailment on the Bangkok to Chiang Mai line (Ban Khao Phlueng tunnel in Muang district). By riding the train, we would have been able to stop off at various tourist spots along the way (like Phitsanulok and Sukhothai).

But no problem, I was quickly able to get two airline tickets (Nok Air) to Phitsanulok. Here we would be able to visit the famous Buddhist temple Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Phitsanulok.

Phitsanulok Airport

Phitsanulok Airport (PHS)

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