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Entering Angkor Thom through the North Gate

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24 Nov 2015 | Tue

Day 07 of 47

Today’s Events:

– Morning Tuk Tuk Ride to Angkor Wat

– Angkor Archaeological Park Visitor Center

> Entering Angkor Thom through the North Gate <

– Preah Khan Angkor

– Neak Pean Angkor

– Ta Som Angkor

– East Mebon Angkor

– Pre Rup Angkor

– Banteay Kdei Angkor

– Bayon Angkor

– Angkor Thom North Gate –

We entered Angkor Thom through the North Gate. There are gates at each of the cardinal points, from which roads lead to the Bayon at the center of the city.

Angkor Thom (Khmer: អង្គរធំ [ʔɑŋkɔː tʰum]; meaning “Great City”), alternatively Nokor Thom (Khmer: នគរធំ [nɔkɔː tʰum]) located in present-day Cambodia, was the last and most enduring capital city of the Khmer Empire. It was established in the late twelfth century by King Jayavarman VII. It covers an area of 9 km², within which are located several monuments from earlier eras as well as those established by Jayavarman and his successors. At the center of the city is Jayavarman’s state temple, the Bayon, with the other major sites clustered around the Victory Square immediately to the north. (Wikipedia)

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