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Drive – Asheville to Charlotte | Flight – Charlotte to Chicago O’Hare

Return to Thailand 2022

Asheville | Charlotte | Chicago

10 May 2022 | Tue

  • Drive | Asheville to Charlotte
  • Flight | Charlotte, NC to Chicago O’Hare

Drive – Asheville to Charlotte | Flight – Charlotte to Chicago O’Hare

Drive | Asheville to Charlotte

Our day started in the mountains of North Carolina (Asheville / Black Mountain area). After a hectic few weeks/days of getting everything organized and packed, it was finally time to begin our journey to Thailand. As before, back in September 2019, we were only taking four 24-inch checked-in bags and one small carry-on bag each. Even with us reducing our things to a bare minimum, we still had to leave a few things behind (but nothing we couldn’t live without).

Lucky for us, Thailand had just relaxed a lot of their COVID-19 entry requirements, so getting into the country was much easier now. But we still had to have a few things like Thailand Passes (for both of us) and I had to have some additional COVID-19 insurance (that I had pre-purchased).

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Things got very busy and hectic after we were dropped off at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. So busy, I forgot to take any pictures of inside the airport or our airplane.

One of the things we were dreading was getting all of our Thailand entry paperwork approved before boarding our plane. The biggest concern we had was if American Airlines would be aware of all the recent changes that Thailand had made, relaxing their entry requirements (from only a few days ago). But after we arrived and went through the check-in process, everything went very smoothly. They excepted all of our paperwork, and we were cleared to board our plane.

Flight | Charlotte, NC to Chicago O’Hare

Our short flight from Charlotte, NC to Chicago O’Hare (a little over 2 hours) went very well. Due to a mix-up in our seating, we were not able to sit together, but it wasn’t that bad, we were only sitting one row apart and were behind/in front of one another.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Chicago O’Hare International Airport

When we arrived at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, we arrived in Terminal 3. All international flights leave out of Terminal 5. Normally, (for most airports) getting from one terminal to another is not too much trouble, however, this was not the case at Chicago O’Hare. It required a lot of walking (in areas that were not labeled very well) and a ride on the Airport Transit System​ (rail). We made it okay, but it wasn’t the easiest journey. But we did get through security and customs quickly and without any problems.

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